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Good Quality High Temperature Gun For Coronavirus Corona Virus

Good Quality High Temperature Gun For Coronavirus Corona Virus


COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic | So Much Worse Than You Know

If you can get a good quality HEPA filter and UV stuff to reduce the viral load do so. Lot of good data on this corona virus over at Worldometer dot info. they cite their references too. “Commodity Shipping Costs Fall 99.95% After Virus Slams Market” says: The coronavirus crisis in China has hammered many markets this month. None


More coronavirus news. How Long Do Coronaviruses Survive?

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Coronavirus: Go Forth and Multiply | naked capitalism

A Chinese film director and his entire family have died from the novel coronavirus in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak. Chang Kai, a film director and an external communications officer at a Hubei Film Studio subsidiary, died in hospital on Feb. 14 from the virus now called COVID-19, according to a statement from the studio. He was 55.


Coronavirus: Sanitation, PPE and Self Quarantine

Shorter update because the threads are starting to get lots of comments. Last one had nearly 300. I’ll try for the rest this weekend. — This is a compilation of the comments about Sanitation, Personal Protective Equipment and Self Quarantine Procedures which are discussed in the following Peak Prosperity Articles, Blogposts and Podcasts from 2/1/2020 to 2/15/2020:


Coronavirus - China Fights Determinately, While Others

“That was MERS, and MERS is a corona virus, and so is a common cold. The present virus has not got a name yet, but belongs to the corona virus family, too.” China has risen, with zeal and determination. It is confronting deadly disease frontally, as if it would be confronting enemy military battalions.


Coronavirus? - Long Island Gun Club

The reason we get a fever when we have a virus is the body trying to kill the virus. That is just under 12% of all fatalities caused by the Coronavirus taking place all in one day! Let's hope that does not keep going up exponentially from there. Last High quality building supplies since 1948! Friendly FFL transfers of long guns